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1st case


The Association aims to financially help wounded police officers after a serious accident or incident during their service or on their way to work.


Members of the Association can spontaneously decide to help a police officer.

An aid application may also be introduced to the Association via email.


Acceptance of this aid must meet some criteria:


- The bank account of the Association should be sufficiently supplied;

- The nature, severity of the accident and needs of police officer are considered.


Any application necessarily requires a unanimous vote of the members of the association in order to be accepted.


The amount of aid will be decided by the entire assembly.


 2nd case


If a person wishes (for example) starts a fundraising  or a sale of things whose profits are intended for a injured or ill police officer, the Association can help logistically this action.


The bank account, the website or advertising can be used for this action.


In this case, an application must be submitted to the Association.


In no event the finances of the association can contribute to this assistance.


For inquiries, please contact by email.

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